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Specialist for energy efficient windows

Pioneers in building energy efficient window and doors
For almost one hundred years our family-owned companies has focused on innovation in line with the tradition of German engineering. Since generations durability, comfort, safety and a light-related design are values which are important to us. ENERGATE windows and doors are especially well-known for meeting highest energy requirements: Our company is considered as a pioneer in energy efficient window and door engineering. Projects equipped with ENERGATE windows won several awards – among them Solar Decathlon in Washington, D.C., a world championship in house building.

Energy-efficient construction for a better future
As we all know energy is a resource which is becoming more and more valuable. And that is the reason why we have decided to concentrate on the development and production of high-insulating windows and doors. Due to their insulation in special mounting solutions our products help to save energy. This is not only an environmentally prudent contribution for the construction of homes in the future, but also increases you personal living comfort. Our high-insulating windows allow you to enjoy a new level of luxury, to disregard price developments in the energy sector and to slash your heating bills.

Quality, durability and design
To ensure that you are satisfied with our windows for many years to come, our main priority is quality. In order to protect the first class production of our windows and doors, we only use high-quality, robust and well designed components. Quality marks and certified components guarantee tested quality. All of our windows and doors are produced in Europe.

International experience
Our windows and doors are at the cutting edge of the international market. Due to our extensive experience in the construction of energy-efficient windows and the worldwide demand for ENERGATE design, our windows and doors have been applied in numerous international projects. We see ourselves as specialists in international consulting, planning, shipping and installation of high quality windows and door solutions.



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