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Make your dreams come true

Make your dreams come true with ENERGATE®

No matter whether passive or low-energy house, GreenBuilding project, energy retrofitting measures or CO2-neutral construction – with the passive house suitable and certified window system ENERGATE® you can realize all your energy-efficient construction dreams thanks to the system’s excellent heat insulation values, exceptional air tightness and numerous great designs. This window system, fitted in the winning house at Solar Decathlon 2007 & 2009, not only makes an ecologically worthwhile contribution to CO2 reduction. It also creates comfortable homes full of light and warmth in which you and your family will feel happy for years to come. Moreover, it allows you to disregard price developments in the energy sector and to cut your heating bills. In short, an excellent solution.


WOOD ALU 1202 + 1202 963
Uw- W/m2K 0,63* 0,74* 0,8*
WOOD 1042 + 1042 802
Uw- W/m2K 0,63* 0,74* 0,8*
PVC 843
Uw- W/m2K 0,72**
PVC Alu 893
Uw- W/m2K 0,72**

Systems 1202+ & 1042+ and 1202 & 1042 are passive house suitable
* Specified values are calculated for tested window: Dual action, single opening window made of softwood: spruce (picea abies) or larch
Glass spacer: ENERGATE Fiber glass · Window Size: 1,23 x 1,48 m · Norm: EN ISO 10077- 1:2000-11

** Specified values are calculated for tested window: Dual action, single opening window with triple insulating glass Ug = 0,5 W/m²K · Window Size: 1,20 x 1,50 m; Norm: Psi glass and Psi installation 10077:2 Uf EN ISO 8990

Thermal insulation depends on the model selection of the customers



We are specialized in energy-efficient windows and have decades of experience in the green building sector. ENERGATE has realized numerous outstanding international projects.

energy-efficient windows.

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